Community School of Naples girls learn code as tech jobs expected to keep growing

Lee Herald Favicon 16The Community School of Naples has a history of hosting causes close to their heart.  A coding day given by locally-owned ACI Worldwide, a firm that does real-time electronic payment and banking solutions to over 71,000 companies worldwide.

On this particular Saturday, over 20 school aged girls, mostly from middle school but some older and younger are all dressed in team shirts and learned the basics of design to make edits in popular phone applications.

“It started in house, but we’ve been functioning nationally and internationally, holding classes at multiple locations for some time now, the teams love it and the kids seem to really get in to it,” Carolyn Homberger, one of the Group President and team leads for the Coding For Girls Camps said.

In an important drive to get more women in to coding, it’s key to know why coding is the future.

With automation taking over more and 1.1 million coding jobs expected between now and 2025, according to the National Center for Women and Informaton Technology, it’s important to start training the workforce of tomorrow sooner than later.

“Women have proven very instrumental in the progress in hundreds of information technology businesses, not only in ownership and development, but also in coding in every layer of industry,”  Homberger says.

The same study from NCWIT has 25 percent of the computing workforce in 2015 being women.  This, lined up with the jobs opening globally means there’s a lot at stake in the workforce for coders, but a lot to be won for the future of women in it.

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