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Design trends are fascinating to follow as they are so reflective of the psyche of the moment. Fall 2018 is no different. As we head into the season that pulls us to cozy up in our homes as the weather cools off outside, we start paying more attention to the inside.

When you walk into your home, are you embraced with the warmth and nurturing of your surroundings?  If you’re not, you can be.  We’ve become so over-marketed to about how our homes are “supposed” to be that we end up designing based on what other people will think of us when they see it, trying to control an image or having bought into all the “this will make your life easier” sales pitches that routinely fail to deliver.  The result is a home designed for someone else.  Our home is filled with only things that we love, admire, bring us joy, provide for us and offer us comfort… it is our safe haven.  Let’s create this for you, because you deserve it.

We only have one short life to live, and we shouldn’t waste it being tasteful. —Isaac Mizrahi

Fall is the perfect time to revisit our living spaces and give them fresh look, change the flow of the room and maybe give them a new focus. This can be done with no money if you are creative and done even better with little money. Accents of trending colors and styles can typically be found in the current collection if we just look around for them. For example, if silver as a metal and a color is trending, pull out the real silver from storage where it is waiting for its five minutes to shine over the holidays and make a vignette on a side table or a bookshelf, use the silver tray for the bar area to corral bottles or use it on the coffee table for remotes and reading glasses.

Keep these ideas in mind as we scroll through what’s trending now. As in fashion, it is nearly impossible to for something complete new to show up, so the following are timely variations of history repeating itself from several different points in time.

Neutrals, nature and natural elements take center stage with several of the trends starting with elements.

Natural elements

Think wood or cork flooring, grass wall treatments, bamboo cabinets, wool or silk oriental rugs, stone/marble/graphite flooring or accessories, shells, fossils, crystal and plants. Being surrounded by nature is inherently calming, think of how spas are designed. They are quiet, not attention seeking and have you breathing deeply as the stress washes away. Layer textures, natural colors and living features such as plants and water fountains to truly embrace the lifestyle that embodies this trend.


As a feature, a floor or an accent piece, marble, having been an iconic feature in homes since Cleopatra, is maintaining its popularity.  Reface a fireplace, top a coffee table or side table or simply add gorgeous marble lamp. Marble is classic and will forever stand the test of time. Knowing that, if you love it, it is worth the investment if considering including it on a larger scale for flooring or counters.

Monochromatic Jewel-tones

Jewel tones always make their way back around come the holidays. They are stately, bold and confident while offering a sense of warmth and comfort. Accent these colors with gilded frames and rich textures such as velvet. Jewel tone colors are exactly that, colors reflected in jewels, rubies, emeralds, sapphire and amethyst. If painting the whole room navy is not coming to mind (it is stunning if you do!) then simply adding substantial accent pieces in a more concentrated space will offer a similar affect. A gorgeous new velvet cover for the master bed, velvet throw pillows for the living room, a cozy cashmere throw and footstool for the living room, a gilded mirror or a few vintage crystal candle holders will bring it all together.

Geometric patterns

This one comes and goes over the years, for those who love it, it has staying power. Patterns are both incredibly classic- think black and white checkerboard marble floors, yet equal modern with chevrons, 3D styling and more. This can be expressed in a small bathroom with an amazing wall paper, with tiles in a shower, in a larger living space with a large area rug , throw pillows, or a side table lamp. Less is more with this trend as it can become very overstimulating very quickly.

All White

This shows up at least once a year. Hard to do without it being a complete overhaul but if you do, it can be amazing. See several examples here.


This always seems to be included on the list of every seasons trends list. The colors that qualify as neutral are not as restrictive as the name suggests. Colors that naturally occur in nature are inherently neutral, the colors of Gatorade and Cheetos are not. We tend to think only of shades of whites, tans and greys as neutrals, however heading into fall, think of amber, sweet potato orange, the red of turning maple leaves as well as the dark greens of the pine trees. For textures think linen, wood, metals, even lacquer like in this tray and this crystal lamp.

Any of these trends can easily get started with what is already in your home. If you want to focus on a new color accent, find all the books in your home with that color in the spine and stack them, corral candles and decorative pieces that may be placed around that are in your new color theme, place them on a tray one an accent table. We can even kick it off buy just buying fresh flowers in our new color as our center piece.

The most important design tip I’ve ever come across is to focus the designing on only things you love. If you have a flat space, that does not mean something has to be on it. If you are traveling and fall head or heels with a piece of art you came across while wandering through some adorable little town, buy it, you’ll find a place for it- because every time you see it you will relive that happiness. That doesn’t happen from going to a big box home store to just cover up open spaces. We should be embraced by our homes and they should reflect our lives, our experiences, who we are and what we love. Fill them with books and pictures of people, pets and places we love. Buy furniture pieces that are inviting and summon you to enjoy them and never select something because it seems impressive… it won’t bring you joy and it most likely it won’t have the intended effect of impressing others. It your home it shouldn’t be speaking to anybody but you- That’s Life with Moxie.

Have ideas you’d like to add? Need more suggestions? Or want to share your experience? Let me know!

Julie Koester is CEO of Life with Moxie, a Lifestyle Revolution Company, CEO of Moxie Creed, skincare beyond chemistry. You can reach her at

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