State attorney clears deputy in shooting of Bokeelia man

Lee Herald Favicon 16A Lee County deputy has been cleared in the officer-involved shooting of a Bokeelia man after an investigation according to report released by the State Attorney’s Office on Friday.

According to the report, the state attorney’s office found that Corporal WIlfred Rivera was justified and acted in self-defense after shooting Bokeelia resident Rickey Beaty on March 22.

“Based upon the investigative reports provided, and the applicable law, I am convinced that the actions of the officer involved in this incident were a legally justifiable use of deadly force, in the defense of himself or others. Therefore, my office will not be filing any criminal charges in this matter,” state attorney Stephen Russell wrote in a letter Friday accompanying the report.

On the afternoon of March 22, Rivera was dispatched to 18129 Aura Lane in Bokeelia after Rickey Beaty called 911 for assistance. After arriving, Beaty’s son informed the deputy that the man had previously been electrocuted and was on medication. Both Rivera and Beaty’s son sat had a discussion with the suspect, who then pulled a knife from a pillow on the couch allegedly charged the deputy.

Rivera drew his firearm and began to back away while Beaty’s son attempted to stop the man from attacking the deputy. Beaty stabbed Rivera, but the knife was unable to penetrate the deputy’s ballistic vest. Rivera was able to grab the knife hand, but Beaty ripped it away, cutting the deputy.

The report states that Corporal Rivera then fire one round at Beaty, who fell to the floor. Beaty survived his wound.

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