North Fort Myers man arrested after raid yields 57 cockfighting roosters

Lee Herald Favicon 16A North Fort Myers man surrendered himself to authorities on Sunday after a raid on his property last month resulted in the seizure of 57 fighting roosters, eight hens, and 30 chicks.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Lee County Domestic Animal Services made law enforcement aware of a possible animal cruelty situation at 3510 South Road in North Fort Myers on April 22. Deputies, along with a Domestic Animal Services representative, responded to the address and were given access by the property owner after the tenants could not be found. They were able to see multiple roosters caged separately in a barn as well as refrigerator, syringes, and Vitamin B-12.

After executing a search warrant, deputies found spurs commonly used in cock fighting along with multiple animal stimulants, antiseptic, Vitamin B-12, sparring mitts, a scale, and other items that would indicate cock fighting.

Reports say that a majority of the roosters had feathers removed from their breasts, legs and back in addition to their cones and waddles being removed.

After finding identification for Michael Miranda Rivera, 36, an open booking sheet was issued for his arrest. On Sunday, Rivera surrendered himself to authorities. He has been charged with two counts of selling and or using equipment for animal fighting, one count of possession of animals used for fighting, and one count of leased property used for animal fighting.

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