Naples developers create app to track residency for tax purposes

Lee Herald Favicon 16A local developer has created a mobile application to help snowbirds who split their time between Florida and high-tax states to keep track of their residency status for tax purposes.

The app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone, runs in the background, tracking the user’s location in real time, and generates a report that proves how much time the resident spent in each state when it comes time to do their taxes.

“TaxBird lets you easily see the days you’ve spent in each state and how many you have left,” said Jim Simon, co-developer of the app.

The recent Republican tax bill, passed in December, caps the amount that users can deduct in state and local income, sales, and property taxes to $10,000, adding additional incentive for them to keep accurate records of their residency through the year. The app is currently available in the iTunes store and requires a subscription fee after a 30-day trial. An Android version is currently in development

Simon is a Naples resident and tech entrepreneur who founded a data marketing and analytics company that was eventually acquired by Oracle. He and his partner Brian Ochs, created the app after Simons tired of using a spreadsheet program to keep track of the time he spent at his homes in Naples, and Westport, Connecticut. Florida does not have a state income tax, but Connecticut’s rate can be as high as 6.99%.

The developers say the app can prove useful to anyone who spends part of the year in one of the seven state that do not have an income tax which includes Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. TaxBird’s developers also believe it will be a valuable tool for estate-planning and tax professionals.

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