Big Cypress Fire Spreading, Campgrounds Evacuated

Lee Herald Favicon 16Campgrounds situated both north and south of Interstate 75 are being evacuated as winds have aided the spread of the Big Cypress fire.

Big Cypress

Reportedly, the fire grew dramatically on Sunday and now consumes well over 8,300 acres of land.

The Florida Highway Patrol has been present along the interstate ensuring that visibility allows for safe passage across the alley.  Motorists are advised to exercise additional caution across the middle of Alligator Alley as smoke shifts can occur quickly.

Please note the following closures:

• Pink Jeep Campground
• Bear Island Campground
• Gator Head Campground
• The road leading into the Sanctuary except to residents
• All trails between state road 29 and L-28 Canal including the Florida Trail
• All public lands west of the L-28 Canal
• All public lands east of state road 29
• All public lands south of the Preserve boundary
• All public lands north of Alligator Alley

The Lee Herald is awaiting an update from the Florida Forest Service and will update this article upon receipt of additional information.

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