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Local Businesses: Window Tint Could Translate to Big Summer Energy Savings

Lee Herald Favicon 16It’s no secret that summer is right around the corner for Southwest Floridians. As the seasonal snowbirds begin to flock home over the next couple months, signaling the end of season, Florida residents remain to deal with the heightened heat and humidity that is a hallmark of South Florida summers.

With the summer heat comes the inevitable rise in the electric bill, with air conditioning units cranked to their highest capacity. There are several ways to combat the uptick in kilowatts, according to several local businesses.

“Custom glass window films offer an alternative to custom glass,” according to Naples Tint Company owner and operator, Matthew Sandherr.

Sandherr says that with the increase in new construction in Southwest Florida, newer homes are being fitted with custom glass that do indeed help combat the elements.

However, applying custom glass window films can lower the temperature of a home by up to 20 degrees on a hot day, according to Sandherr.

naples tint company inputting custom window film in a home
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“It’s also an alternative for [older homes] to window replacement. Even if they have new glass, it only meets the bare minimum for energy efficiency.”

Conditioned Air CEO Theo Etzel agreed with Sandherr that lowering a home’s radiant heat gain could translate to noticeable savings in one’s energy bill.

“When we perform energy calculations and what’s known as a ‘Manual J’ calculation for sizing of the equipment, we must specify the square feet of glass in the house, and the amount of shade provided from the overhang of the structure,” Etzel said. “Replacing windows is one factor to consider for low-emissivity…which cuts down on the…radiant heat allowed into the home. There are tints that do the same thing, as well as cut down on UV light to help with fading of carpets, drapes, etc.”

The lower the heat gain, according to Etzel, the less cooling needed to counteract it; this could translate the A/C unit to run less, or even the size of A/C unit to be reduced for a home.

Sandherr and Etzel agree that the tint manufacturer can come into play regarding its effectiveness. Sandherr’s Naples Tint Company utilizes Huper Optik Autobahn, a German-engineered, non-reflective window film that Sandherr says only three dealers in Florida use.

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“The films make that existing clear glass look like custom glass,” he said of the film. He also says that, despite misconceptions of the industry, the window film does not change the look of the house or diminish the view to the outside.

Utilizing tint allows homeowners to spend a fraction of what they might spend to get custom glass fitted in their home, as low as 15 to 25 percent of the cost.

To learn more about the Naples Tint Company, click here.

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