WGCU Pays Homage to Myra Janco Daniels by Naming Public Media Center

Lee Herald Favicon 16Distinguished guests filled the newly-named Myra Janco Daniels Public Media Center on Wednesday evening, all hoping for an opportunity to express sincere appreciation for a $3 million donation that she bestowed upon WGCU.

An advocate for the arts in Southwest Florida, Ms. Daniels elaborated her desire to help bring cultural, educational and artistic works to the region in a recent interview with the Lee Herald.

Tonight, WGCU paid tribute to Myra Daniels by naming their Florida Gulf Coast media facility after her.

Dignitaries such as FGCU President, Dr. Wilson Bradshaw, WGCU General Manager, Rick Johnson and others expressed their heartfelt appreciation, shared personal anecdotes and reminded guests of the diverse and fascinating programming delivered by this local PBS and NPR facility.

Through the many speaking guests, the Myra Janco Daniels Public Media Center quickly took on the affectionate nickname “The Myra” which seemed to appeal deeply to Ms. Daniels.

Myra Daniels spoke, for several minutes, about the importance of giving and how she is grateful to be able to see the gift put to use.

Seeking a fitting manner in which to demonstrate their indebtedness and gratitude, WGCU’s Kim Woodle sought out South Florida’s own piano virtuoso, Ethan Bortnick.  Bortnick, a 15-year-old prodigy, rerouted himself to be certain to be available to perform for Ms. Daniels.  The pianist is scheduled to perform in California tomorrow but happily appeared at WGCU’s request.

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