Team BBT of Black Belt Taekwondo Kicks 대상 at National Championships

A Korean martial art developed after World War II, Taekwondo is a meld of principle components of Karate, Taekkyeon, Subak, and Gwonbeop.


The art requires prodigious strength, acute balance and considerable flexibility as it features frequent head-level kicks, spinning maneuvers and significant jumping. Utilizing a narrower stance than used in Karate, combatants sacrifice stability for speed and for the ability to turn and kick quickly.

Team BBT, a competition-oriented team based in Cape Coral, features State, National and International competitors, as well as a number of Olympic hopefuls. Coached and mentored by a past Olympic competitor, Master Jermaine James, the team boasts well over 100 medals in just the last three years.


Team BBT competes locally, statewide, across the United States and internationally. Team members commit a minimum of 20 hours weekly to practice and are responsible for maintaining school grades and regular employment.

The team and family members go to great lengths to acquire sponsors and donors to help offset the cost of equipment and travel-associated expenses…which can exceed $50,000 annually.

On June 4, Team BBT of Black Belt Taekwondo from Cape Coral entered five competitors in the American Taekwondo United (ATU) National Championships in Atlanta, Georgia.


The results were spectacular as the five members performed incredibly well:


Charlize Joseph, 10 – National Champion
Angelese Leonard, 11 – National Champion
Aidan McDaniel, 11 – National Bronze Medalist
Tristin Mulligan, 12 – National Champion
Amanda Schlicht, 11 – National Champion and National Team Member

Team BBT is currently preparing for the USA Taekwondo National Championships in Richmond, Virginia in July.

If you wish to assist Team BBT through donation or sponsorship, please click here.

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