Kim Russo, Host of ‘The Haunting Of,’ Chats about Life Beyond Physical Death

Lee Herald Favicon 16Advancements in technology have provided answers for and shed light upon previously unresolved questions regarding the vastness of the universe, biology, human anatomy, meteorology and tectonics.

Still unanswered, however, are questions of the soul…queries of existence beyond physical death.

Our ability to comprehend spectral and metaphysical dimensions has not progressed despite the enormous expansion of technology and the abundance of those employing night-vision cameras and audio recording devices.

Our thirst for definitive answers has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry consisting of scores paranormal television productions, films, books, ghost-hunting equipment, guided tours and so much more.  Despite all, we are no closer than before and we face our mortality with the same fears and wonderment experienced by our ancestors.

Diligent attempts to approach the subject in a scientific rather than sectarian manner have procured more questions than solutions.  Finding a mechanism to gather experimentally obtained and conclusive data has never materialized.

The human soul, if it could be proven to be an arrangement of energy, would earn the protection of Julius Robert Mayer’s Law of Conservation of Energy, also known as the First Law of Thermodynamics which state that “energy is neither created nor destroyed.”

Many scientists have made noble efforts to quantify, or measure, the soul.  Weighing dying humans and animals, prior to and after the moment of death, have failed to yield quantifiable data.  Kirlian photography, first discovered in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian, a Russian researcher and inventor, attempted to capture the spiritual aura of a person or object.  This technique also failed to yield definitive proof of the existence of the soul.

At “square one,” many turn to those believed to be gifted with the ability to both detect and communicate with the souls of the deceased.

As is the case in virtually all fields, charlatans, thieves and connivers stain the reputations of those truly able to demonstrate those communicative abilities.

Hosting the LMN television series, “The Haunting of…,” many have watched Kim Russo meet celebrities from the film, music, journalism, comedy, etc. at sites of prior paranormal incidents and shed light on the event.  While doing so, relevant decedents appear to Kim and she shares their significantly personal messages with her guest.

Kim Russo and Coco
Kim Russo and Coco

Kim was kind enough to take time out of her busy and hectic schedule, last year, to participate in a formal Q&A and I was bristling with questions.  Click here to read our interview.

I had the absolute pleasure to dine with Kim, last year, in Delray Beach, Florida.  Accompanied by her delightful husband, Anthony, and my lovely wife, Sharon, I experienced her perception-altering abilities first hand.

Lacking any potential to investigate our ancestral circumstances, having made no mention of living or deceased family members, Kim turned casually to her left and informed my wife that her mother was present…and with her best friend, Fran.

Grateful to not have food in my mouth at that moment, I gasped.  (I actually snorted, but am trying to maintain my dignity.)  While I am blessed to still have both of my parents, Sharon has sorrowfully lost both of hers.  While virtually impossible to have researched my wife’s ancestral history, knowledge of her mother’s best friend, Frances, was totally and thoroughly unattainable.  Having lost my mother-in-law decades ago, I personally forgot all about Frances and, if questioned, likely could not recall her name.

We have all witnessed such events on television.  Psychics, Mediums, Empaths, Intuitives clutter our television screens and deliver unexpected and shocking messages from beyond.  Until it occurs between your appetizer and entrée, it lacks validity and meaning.  When it does occur, one’s entire perception of life and mortality is abruptly grabbed, shaken and thrown out a nearby window.  Try dealing with that.

“You must write a book,” I babbled.

“Working on it,” Kim retorted.

A year later, Harper Elixir, a division of Harper Collins, has published “The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the Other Side.”

Desperate to comprehend this gift, eager to discern anything and everything regarding the perpetual existence of the soul, I expeditiously obtained a copy and began reading.  While I tend to complete a book in small sessions, the 230 pages were read in less than 24 hours.

Kim Russo and Shirley Jones
Kim Russo and Shirley Jones

Once again, Kim was more than amenable to chat and I was more than eager to tap into her wealth of knowledge.

Gary Levine:  You’re a religious woman, Kim, and interacting with the deceased is forbidden as the Bible states that anyone who “consults with the dead” is “detestable to the Lord.” Early on, in the book, it became clear that you struggled with this issue.  You mentioned that you found it ironic in that “religion is designed to connect us with the source of all energy.”  While I understand that only God is equipped to answer our prayers, why do you believe that the Bible discourages us from trying to connect with those who have passed?

Kim Russo:  “I think it’s like any other organization…anything…to control…to control the people…to put fear into them…to sustain some type of order.  There are a lot of different ways the Bible can be interpreted.  When you talk about how many times it has been translated, into different languages, over the centuries…I do believe that everything in life is open to interpretation.  But the Bible depicts God as a God to be feared, so, if that be the case, we would have to toe the line and not get out of control.  I think that’s why religions do what they do…or any type of organization, I don’t care, you pick it…there’s always someone who has to keep people in line.  The way they do that is through the vehicle of fear.  So, I was raised to fear God and I never understood how he could be so all-encompassing and loving, but he can strike me dead, the next moment, if I didn’t follow his rules.  It didn’t make sense…it was an oxymoron for me.  There were so many things that didn’t make sense, that were man-made rules, within Catholicism.  For example, Catholicism claims to follow the Bible, however, if the Pope wants to change one of the rules, he has the authority to do so…and has, over the years.  So, even as a child, things did not make sense to me.  I’m all for discipline and I’m all for following rules and for having order, but I don’t buy into any fear-based doctrines.  Even on my show, ‘The Haunting Of…,’ it’s about taking the fear out of things and just going to the love side.”

Kim has mentioned to me, on several occasions, how detrimental fear is.  “It separates people,” she often says.  Fear, according to Kim, prevents us from being connected…from being “one.”

Gary Levine:  You mention, in the book, that man has free will.  Proverbs 16:9 states “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”  What are your thoughts regarding true free will?  How does this correspond or conflict with your religious beliefs?

Kim Russo:  “When you pick that path along with a higher authority…let’s call it your Spirit Guide or Ordained by the Divine…that’s where the free will is.  With your free will, you select that path.  You’re always and continually working on your soul’s growth…your soul’s journey.  Look at it as a soul.  Don’t look at it as Gary Levine.  Because Gary Levine, in a different life, might have been Joe Smith or Barbara Smith…who knows?  Just look at it as that soul must have that experience.  So, when you’re a soul…not in the physical body…you will be selecting your next life.  In that consulting with the ‘higher-ups,’ you have free will in that moment to say ‘I want to work on getting rid of fear…or I want to work on loving more…or I want to work on compassion.’  They don’t say to you ‘this is what you have to do.'”

I was a bit confused.  I interrupted.  I needed to understand whether or not my free will continues on during my physical existence.  “Is that the end of my free will, Kim?  Do I have the ability to make spontaneous choices while on Earth?”

Kim Russo:  “You never lose your free will…at all, even when you leave your physical body.  I understand where that can be confusing.  There is a map.  Let’s just say that the map is going to take me from New York to Los Angeles.  That’s the map of my life.  There’s a destination.  There is a reason I’m here and that’s my destination.  Your ‘purpose’ is, in this example, to go from New York to LA.  The destination is what you agreed to.  That’s what your soul wanted to do.  But no one is to say if you are to take the direct route or you’re going to go down every freakin’ side road with every light and every delay.  You determine how many people you wish to meet along the way.”

Kim Russo and Sally Struthers
Kim Russo and Sally Struthers

Kim indicated that we have the free will to change our final destination…our soul’s ultimate goal.  However, upon leaving our physical body after death, we then must self-evaluate.  “You’re saying, I really wanted to get to LA,” Kim explained.  “Why didn’t I do it?”  In this evaluation comes the soul’s learning, understanding and growth.  “You most likely won’t get it ‘right’ in one lifetime,” Kim reminded me.

Kim frequently mentions the “ego.”  She has repeatedly told me that the ego is equal to fear.  The ego differs from the divine voice…that ‘gut’ feeling…in that the ego is driven by the analytical mind.  The gut…our intuition…is driven by our soul, by divine knowledge.  It seems that our analytical mind is Earth-based, operating through the limited five senses.  It stores data accumulated during this lifetime including, but not limited to, mom’s warnings, information absorbed through seeing, reading, childhood experiences, etc.  The soul, on the other hand, is a collection of eternal information.  It is aided by Spirit Guides and divine input.  For this reason, Kim encourages us to “go within” rather than seeking the validation of others or concerning ourselves with approval.  When we stray from our soul’s guidance, we often stray from our path.

While many pray for wealth or health, Kim explained her prayer is to “Lead me to the path that my soul chose in this lifetime.”

Russo explains that while different cultures have contrasting Earthly beliefs, different fears, disparate rituals, we are all the same if we “go within.”  “There is no division.  There is no culture,” she asserts.

Gary Levine:  Kim, you refer to vibrations, often, in the book.  You indicate that in order for you to communicate, the spirits need to lower their vibrations and you have to raise yours.  Would you please elaborate on that process?

Kim Russo:  “You know that I like to simplify everything.  When I take the soul out of the physical, three-dimensional, heavy, dense body, it’s vibrating quickly.  It’s like molecules.  If you put a table or a piece of wood under a microscope, because it’s solid…it will vibrate very slowly.  If you try to look at electricity or a cell phone signal, it vibrates so quickly that you wouldn’t be able to see it.”

Kim indicates that our cell phones and televisions receive the signals and convert them in a manner in which we can hear them.  So do Mediums.  They have the ability to receive the vibrations, slow and interpret them, and pass them along.  The soul is transmitting the message and Mediums, like Kim, need to “unscramble the signals.”

Additionally, Kim indicated that spirits must slow their vibrations so as to be able to communicate.  This process requires significant energy.  In order to preserve the spirit’s energy, which is limited, Mediums must raise their vibrations to meet the spirit at a point at which less spirit-energy is required.  Without doing so, the spirit would not be capable of transmitting lengthy messages without running out of energy.

During this segment of our discussion, Kim begins to mention the messages that we receive through our “Chakras.”  Russo devotes a pronounced amount of time to the discussion of Chakras in her book.

Chakra, derived from the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” is believed to be a spinning wheel of energy inside of us.  There are believed to be a total of seven located in different parts of the body.  They are our “energy centers,” Kim explains.  “We all have them…all of us.” These Chakras were given to us “to survive in the physical world.”  They receive messages and warnings.

Gary Levine:  You have a section entitled “Why Do Some Spirits Stay Trapped in this Physical Dimension.”  In this chapter, you indicate that some souls remain because “they are still attached to people, pets, places or possessions.”  Wouldn’t that be true for nearly all spirits?  Wouldn’t most prefer to remain with their loved ones?

Kim chuckled a bit, and then responded.

Kim Russo:  “So…no…and I’ll tell you why.  Typically, when we leave the physical body, depending upon what your belief is when you’re alive, the consciousness does not change.  So, a lot of times, people say that if they’re Christian, they’ll say they saw Jesus meeting them.  If they’re Buddhist, they’ll meet Buddha.  I study near-death experiences of people, over the years, in addition to all of my readings.  Hearing the depictions from people who have actually died and come back to talk about it, a lot of what you believe, in your consciousness, will still be true when you die.  It’s not the natural order to stay within the 3-D dimension.  This is not the real home.  It’s just a stop-over on your soul’s journey.  Who knows?  We may have lived on many other planets!  I don’t get into that…I don’t have proof.”

I must have shown evidence of struggling with these concepts.  Kim paused to consider an altered approach.

“When a spirit chooses to stay behind, that’s also their free will.  Remember what I said.  You never lose free will.  Your soul will always have it…when it makes the decision to come here…when it gets on the other side.  It never loses its free will.  Giving us free will is the way that God gives us grace.  When a soul resists going back to its natural form, typically it is because of fear…fear of the unknown.”

Kim Russo and Kelly Carlson
Kim Russo and Kelly Carlson

Kim began to share a common message that she receives from many spirits.  Prior to doing so, she broached the subject of limited human perception.  As humans, we struggle to grasp many abstract concepts.  For instance, while we can comprehend that our property line ends 50 feet from the back of our home, we are unable to absorb the concept of the universe continuing infinitely in all directions.

Similarly, as death is deemed to be the end of life, Kim indicates that spirits “almost laugh,” with an understanding of what it is like to have  limited perceptions in the earthly body and at our failed understanding of the eternal existence of the soul.  Kim explained the message as a “don’t cry for me” as this is where you will soon be…the place we all came from…the place we all return to.

Kim additionally made mention of the concept of time.  Time, she indicated, doesn’t exist.  It’s a man-made measurement to serve human needs.  She further explained that the concept of day and night must exist as the human body needs physical rest and as the Earth needs to sleep.  Animals and the various crops cannot sustain 24 hours of daylight.  The soul, being eternal, has no concept of time…nor does it need to.  “The soul is ageless,” she remarked.  “I didn’t include this in the book.  I probably should have.”

Gary Levine:  Kim, one more question.  In Chapter Five, you begin to discuss Akashic Records…some form of Spiritual Google where we find the entire history of our soul’s journey.  Can you please help us better understand this process?

Kim Russo:  “They’re not kept as a scorecard, per se.  They’re an account without judgment.  Akashic records are an energy imprint.  Imagine a freshly vacuumed carpet.  If someone were to walk across it, they would make their mark.  It is a record of the journey of the soul.”

Kim stated that she, like many Mediums, can read the Akashic records and help those that she works with to find and understand the purpose that they committed to prior to their soul’s return.

After our lengthy conversation, Kim asked “Who is Gary?  Who are you?”

I responded with my Earthly perception by stating that I am a husband, a father, a journalist.

“Those are your earthly acquired titles and although they are true in this lifetime as Gary, you are a Soul.  In the earthly dimension, you are a Spiritual being having a human experience.  In eternity, you are a spark of the Divine,” she said, “and you are complete LOVE.  The true mission of the Soul is to release fear.  The only opposite that can exist from fear is LOVE.  Once this is done, then we can finally have Peace on Earth.”

Kim’s new book, “The Happy Medium,” is now available.  To order, please click here.

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