Judge Denies Markeith Loyd’s Request for Miami Attorney Terrance Lenamon

Lee Herald Favicon 16“Neither I nor any judge that I am aware of in this circuit has ever permitted an indigent defendant to insist on a particular attorney, even an attorney, one who is local much less someone from another county. So I would be making a special and unheard of exemption for Mr. Loyd,” indicated Chief Judge Frederick Lauten.

Loyd appeared angered, said “I’m done,” rose from his seat and attempted to exit the courtroom.  Deputies ensured that Loyd was unable to exit the jury box in which he was seated.

Judge Lauten appointed the Public Defender’s Office to represent Loyd.  When asked, Loyd agreed to the appointment of PD attorney Roger Weeden to his case.

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Image courtesy of Ninth Circuit of Florida

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